Detective Pikachu A Review

Hey guys so I went and Saw Detective Pikachu last night. Let’s take a look at the Pokémon company’s first foray into live action movies. Are film starts with Tim a failed Pokémon trainer working a dead end job in a small town. His friends worry for him as they all look to move on […]

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Avengers Endgame – A Review

So this is it, 22 films and 11 years of crafting and investment has brought us to this. Avengers Endgame. Will Stories reach there conclusion? Questions be answered? Character arcs be completed with satisfaction. Well let’s dive in and take a look. So at the end of Infinity War Thanos has snapped his fingers and […]

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Shazam – A Review

S Meneg suilaid to all. Today I’m going to take a look at the newest offering from the DCEU. With Aquaman’s storming success at the end of the year can Shazam! offer the same. Well let’s dive right in. Our story starts with a young boy driving along with his less than loving family. Suddenly […]

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Hellboy a Hellish Review

Greetings friends and readers so I know I said I would be doing Shazam! next but screening times and all it made sense to go see Hellboy first……So let’s dive right in. A film with a long and troubled production history starting out life as the third in the Del Toro-Perlman story. Sadly the studio […]

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Captain Marvel: A belated review

Greetings friends and readers, so exciting news here at TBN Towers…. I have my cinema card again!! Meaning I can start providing my take on the latest releases. Well without further a do let’s take a (spoiler free) look at Marvel’s newest face. So we FINALLY have a female led superhero movie from the people […]

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